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Innovative technology at an affordable price

Everlast products bring you the latest’s technology at an affordable price, with state of the art inverter design. And duty cycle ratings unmatched in the industry at any price.  Light weight portable units put the power in your hands to get the job done, without breaking the bank.


Basic Features

  • IGBT Inverter design:

    Efficient inverter puts out more welding power with less current draw.  IGBT modules and “soft switching” technology improve inverter reliability and performance.

  • All Digital Displays:

    All Everlast welders and cutters feature Digital displays of output, for precise settings and repeatability.

  • Stepless Adjustment:

    No “Tap” dancing here, all Everlast units feature precise control of output and all other settings, without clumsy, factory-fixed presets that impede selecting the best settings for the job.

  • Thermal overload protection:

    All Everlast units feature overload protection than warns when the duty cycle has been exceeded and interrupts output to allow the unit to safely cool.

  • Industrial duty cycle:

    High velocity fan and internal tunnel design of Everlast products aids cooling to offer higher duty cycle than competing units, get the job done quickly and safely.

  • 5 Year Warranty:

    Unequaled in the industry, Everlast stands behind their products for a full five years.

Advanced Features

  • Easy menu-free , color coded adjustments:

    Allows you to see all the parameters at a glance, and make fast readjustment for production environments.

  • Square -wave output:

    Eliminates the need for High Frequency current overlay to stabilize the arc, and offer excellent arc control.

  • Quick attachment of cables:

    The use of DINSE connectors makes any Everlast welder compatible with almost any aftermarket style torch.  

Units Suitable For Use in:

  • Industrial
  • Pipeline
  • Construction
  • Fabrication
  • Farm
  • Motorsports
  • Maintenance
  • Home Shop

More Included Components

  • All  Tig Welders Come with Torches
  • Industry standard torches, Wp-18,Wp-26 or Wp-20.
  • 300 Amp Ground clamp
  • Argon and/or air regulator included.

Repair Services

  • Authorized EVERLAST Warranty center
  • We repair and service most makes and models of welders and plasma cutters
  • Replacement parts and accessories